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2009-02-09 :In exciting news, Joburg is adding a 2nd monthly bloggirls get-together to the list: say hello to the first mid-month Friday-dinner taking place later this month!


Welcome to bloggirls!

by phillygirl on 2008-05-07


I had an idea a while ago and while I still have some time before starting my new job, I thought I'd try putting it into practice :) My idea is simple and I'll be starting it in Joburg, but I hope some of my girl-blogger friends will pick up the baton and help this spread worldwide!


Girl-bloggers are different from boy-bloggers, mostly anyway. From what I've noticed, the majority of girl-bloggers tend to do life-blogs. And we read other girl's life-blogs. I thought it would be nice to have a monthly Sunday/Saturday lunch get-together (where you can bring your kids along if you like) and meet up in real life. We all read about each other's daily up and downs and I've read more and more of girl-bloggers meeting up together and becoming friends offline. This magic is a little of what I'm hoping to acheive :)

For the meantime, I'll be starting the one in Joburg, South Africa and hoping it catches on. Please use the links down the sidebar for more information on where and when it'll be happening and to add your name to the list of people attending :)


If you are from elsewhere and would like to initiate a bloggirls monthly weekend lunch in your area, drop me a mail on blg.grls@gmail.com and I'll set up a page :) I'm still figuring this wiki thing out, so bear with me ...


2008-05-08 : Oh, and I've made a badge for all you keen people to add to your blogs so we can spread the word further and wider ;) Get it here.


2008-05-25 : After the success of the first Joburg bloggirls event, I'm hoping we can get similar lunches started in both Cape Town and Durban. If there are any keen girl-bloggers in those areas willing to a) pick a venue b) book the venue and c) attend the event, please let me know asap (see bloggirls email address below)!


2008-05-26 : Sign up for the first Durban bloggirls event now :)  Am still looking for a willing hostess from Cape Town tho.


2008-06-03 : The Cape Town bloggirls June lunch has just been launched :)


2008-06-05 : Just launched the bloggirls twitter feed, for regular bloggirls updates, follow me :)


2008-06-24 : Please note that the first Durban bloggirls lunch has been postponed to 27th July.


2008-07-01 : Can anyone tell me if the Cape Town June bloggirls lunch even happened?


Sign up for the current bloggirls event in your area


Important Note: Events are only open to girl-bloggers

Comments (1)

bloggirls said

at 9:06 am on Jun 10, 2008

the first one was awesome- i can't wait to do it again

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