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Sep08 Joburg

Page history last edited by bloggirls 15 years, 8 months ago


We'll be heading to Cool Runnings in Melville again, since last month got hijacked by a certain blogger's birthday party :)



Sunday 28th September, 12h00



Click on the LOGIN TO EDIT Tab up there ^. Log in with the blg.grls@gmail.com email address, the password is a very creative bloggirls. It seems lto take you back to the VIEW Tab so click on the EDIT one and then add your name to the list below. To create a link from your name to your blog, select the text you want to link from (your name, I'd assume) and click the link icon in the toolbar . In the popup box, set Link Type to URL and paste your blog address in the URL section. Easy Peasy.

Please be considerate and don't go editing the page elsewhere unneccessarily. Thanks.



Add your name (and any kiddies you plan on bringing along) to this list if you're coming, take it off if you can't make it. If you have any issues editing the wiki, then you can email blg.grls@gmail.com. I think we may have to book so this list will close on the Monday before the lunch.


1. Phillygirl

2. Louisa

3. Vendetta

4. Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills

5. Sweets

6. Angel i'm so so sorry... but i have GOT to finish moving- and Sweets and Cindy were coming with me!

7. Cindy (Ydnic)

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